Label Designer

1. Log into the Harbortouch Retail Software using an administrator login.

2. Select Inventory

3. Select Print Labels

4. Select Label Designer


5. Select Create New Blank Label

6. Select Create

7. Configure the label size (using the labelsize_height and labelsize_width fields in the right side menu)

Menu with no objects selected


8. Design the label using the options available at the top

Add Image

Adds a picture from your computer to the label

Add Text

Adds a line of text which can be customized to display various fields (SKU, code, brand, vendor, etc)
The SKU of the selected item is printed by default unless specified by modifying databaseFieldSpecial:

Add Barcode

Adds a barcode to the label
You can change the size and type of barcode depending on the label size

Add Line

Adds a blank line
Size and angle can be customized in the settings

Send to back

Sends the currently selected object to the back of the canvas behind other objects


Export a copy of your current label to a file


Import a previously saved design from a file


Deletes the selected object


Saves the label


9. Modify the currently selected object from the menu on the right
The available options are dependent upon the selected item

Menu with text object selected


A completed label viewed in the label designer (LEFT) and as a preview for a specific item (RIGHT).