What is a batch?

A group of approved credit card transactions usually accumulated during one business day. This is also referred to as a settlement.


How often should I batch my terminal?


Your terminal must be batched on a daily basis to avoid higher processing costs. You may contact out Technical Support teams at 800-201-0461 option 2 or: for your POS System inquiries. for your credit card terminal inquiries. 



What is a declined transaction?


This indicates that the issuer does not approve the transaction. Please do not continue with the transaction or attempt to force through/run again. Instead, request an alternative method of payment.


What is a fraudulent transaction?


The cardholder is claiming that they were not in possession of the card at the time of sale and that they did not authorize or participate in the transaction. The merchant must supply proof that the transaction occurred, was authorized, and that the cardholder had knowledge of the sale, etc. (Refer to “Merchant Action Necessary” portion of Chargeback documentation).


What is an authorization code?


An authorization code is the response code direct from the issuing bank returned to the merchant at the time of authorization/sale. This code is usually a 6 or 7 digit number and is recorded either by the point of sale terminal or software, as well as printed on any receipt or sales draft.

If doing a phone or voice authorization, the merchant should record the authorization code for reference. The code serves as proof of authorization.


How long will it take to receive my money from my credit card payments?


All payments are transferred within 24/48 business hours from the day the terminal is batched.


How do I change my Bank Account information with Harbortouch?


In order to change your bank account information, a Bank Change form must be filled out and submitted along with a copy of the voided check to our account maintenance team. Contact Customer Service to obtain the required documentation.

How do I change my business address, phone number or business name on my account?

For change in business information, a letter specifying the changes can be emailed to us at This letter must also state that the federal tax ID will not be changing. For address or phone change, the same procedures apply. If legal name or federal tax ID will change, additional paperwork is required. Contact Customer Service to obtain the required documentation.


How do I refer another merchant?


Fill out the Merchant Referral Form from your welcome kit and fax it to the number on the form. This form can also be mailed or emailed.

How do I increase my high ticket limit?


Contact Customer Service to obtain the required form. This form must be submitted with your current financial information.


How can I obtain Visa/Mastercard/Discover/American Express signage for my business?


You can obtain various signage at no cost by visiting


How do I sign up to accept American Express?


Contact Customer Service or Technical Support at 800-201-0461 option 2 to set up these payment options.





How do I apply for gift cards?


E-mail or contact your sales representative.



How do I place an order for gift cards?


You are able to place your gift card order via Harbortouch Online. Access Harbortouch Online by going to and entering your Harbortouch ID and password in the fields at the top right of the screen.

Then select the “Gift Card” tab and place your order. If you do not have your log in information, you may email Please include your merchant number in your e-mail message.


How long does it take to get my personalized gift cards?

It will take approximately two weeks from the receipt of proof approval.


Is there a transaction fee for each gift cad transaction?

Yes, the cost is outlined in your gift card set up documentation.







How do I obtain my log in information for Harbortouch Online?


You can e-mail for your log in information. Please include your merchant number in your e-mail message.


How can I view my transaction statements and transaction history online?


You can access Harbortouch Online by going to and entering your Harbortouch ID and password in the fields at the top right of the screen. If you do not have your log in information, you may e-mail Please include your merchant number in your e-mail message.


How can I place an order for supplies?


You may place a supply order by via Harbortouch Online. You can access Harbortouch Online by going to and entering your Harbortouch ID and password in the fields at the top right of the screen.

Then select the “Resources” Tab followed by “Order Supplies”. If you do not have your log in information, you may email Please include your merchant number in your e-mail message.



I sold my business and the new owner needs to set up their services. How do I have this changed?


In order to complete this change please contact your sales representative.


Is my terminal compliant?


Harbortouch has gone above and beyond to ensure that our merchant base remains PCI compliant. We offer PCI Compliance scans free of charge to every merchant. You may complete this by visiting

This site also provides various information regarding PCI compliance. We also reach out to our merchants that may have equipment that is no longer compliant to ensure they receive the information needed and/or replacement equipment.


What is Regulatory Compliance?

Compliance is comprised of a set of requirements assembled by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) which is designed to ensure all companies that process credit card information maintains a secure environment. Implemented to combat fraud, ensure data security, and to conform to industry standards and regulations. Visa and MasterCard compliance standards require extensive upgrades for hardware, software, compliance surveys and system scans.







What is a chargeback?

A challenge to a transaction initiated by the issuer or cardholder that is returned to the acquirer for resolution.


What is a retrieval Request?

A request by the issuer to the acquirer for a copy of the original sales ticket.


What is a Reversal?

When an acquirer successfully represents a chargeback to the issuer, the chargeback is reversed and the funds are returned to the merchant. 


When will I be notified of a chargeback and when are funds removed from my checking account?


The Chargeback Processing Center will mail a chargeback notification when the debit is transmitted to your bank. It can take 2-3 business days for this debit to reach your bank account. Typically, you will receive notification at the same time your checking account is debited if not using an Online IMS Service. To ensure you receive the most time possible to respond to your case, ensure that your mailing address is up to date on your account.


Why is there a reserve on my account?


If the Chargeback Processing Center encounters difficulty at ANY point when deducting the chargeback amount from the merchant's DDA, etc., it is the processor's obligation to remedy any amount not collected. In most cases, a reserve is set up for security purposes to protect the Merchant Processor from any loss due to chargebacks. The reserve is held in case of default by a merchant. (Further details are located in your Merchant Account Agreement and Terms & Conditions).



What is arbitration?


Arbitration occurs when a disputed transaction cannot be settled through the chargeback process. The deciding body is the relevant card association. The merchant covers the cost for all fees, penalties and the transaction value where the case is not successfully defended.


What is an Inadequate Descriptor Fee?

This is charged when the retrieval request or chargeback is responded to with inadequate information, descriptors don’t match what the merchant submits with the retrieval request. This is completely in the hands of the issuing bank. (Visa)


Does anyone cover bounced check fees because this chargeback was taken from my bank account?


Per the Harbortouch Merchant Account Agreement and the Terms & Conditions, the merchant agrees to keep sufficient funds in their bank to cover any chargebacks.

Can a credit card processor protect me from a chargeback?

It is extremely limited as to what a processor can do to protect a merchant from chargebacks. Harbortouch does offer a chargeback support team which can explain chargeback case documents and help the merchant respond to the case. However, the cardholder does hold certain liberties in questioning and disputing transactions made to their credit card account per the card association.

Please contact for additional information. 


I was told that an authorization guaranteed payment. Is this the case?


An authorization will only verify that a credit card account is active and that there are funds available. However, there are many different reason codes as to why a cardholder or their issuing bank initiates a chargeback.







Why do I see charges from two separate entities on my bank account?


Harbortouch bills items assessed to you per your merchant processing agreement. TSYS is utilized by Harbortouch for funding merchant transactions and or processing fees. This is also outlined in the terms and conditions of your merchant processing agreement.


What does the annual fee cover?


The annual fee covers the cost of shipping, postage and handling of warranty equipment, account maintenance, and interchange compliance adjustments.


How does a transaction downgrade to a mid or non qualified rate?

There are a number of reasons transactions can downgrade, including:

• Keying in a transaction in a retail, card present environment

• Skipping terminal prompts (i.e., if the terminal asks you for a zip code and you skip past this prompt)

• Accepting specific card types such as rewards cards, world cards, business cards, etc.

You may visit the major card brand websites for additional information.


What is the Gateway Access fee?


This is charged by a service provider for use of its network.


What are Interchange fees?

Fees paid by the acquirer to the issuer to compensate for transaction-related costs. MasterCard and Visa establish interchange fee rates.


I am receiving numerous offers from competitors. How do I know I'm paying the lowest rates possible?


It is common for other providers to solicit your business. We here at Harbortouch strive to remain competitive with the industry rates and offer top notch customer service. If you are questioning any items assessed or are receiving offers from other processing providers, Harbortouch is always more than willing to take a look at the offer you have received and meet or beat any competitor's pricing. You may contact our customer service team at or speak with a representative at 800-201-0461 option 2.