Error Message: When scanning a barcode you receive a message stating “We couldn’t find a product description for that barcode”.

Barcodes are not very well standardized across the world. Harbortouch taps into several databases in order to provide you descriptions when we can but please note there will not always be a description for each item you scan.

Error Message: When using the Harbortouch Inventory app for iOS and attempting to scan an item, you receive an error message stating “Barcode scanner not detected”.

Please make sure the Mobilogics iScan is securely attached to your iOS device. To verify that the device is connected, push the physical button location on the top of the barcode scanner. If you do not see the scanner activate, please try to secure the scanner as best as possible.

If you do not have the scanner you will need to contain either your Sales Representative or Harbortouch Order Administrator to get more information.

You may also contact the vendor directly using the contact information below:

Albert Wang

Mobilogics International


Please state that you are a Harbortouch Merchant looking to purchase a Mobilogics iScan.