Harbortouch Online FAQ for Merchants

Q: How often are my reports updated on Lighthouse?

A: Every 10 minutes.

Q: I dont have a POS system. What reports and other data can I view on Lighthouse?

A: Transactions, Batch Details, Deposits, Chargebacks, and Statements

Q: I have a Hospitality POS system. What reports can I see?

A: All of the above in addition to the Restaurant Financial Overview, Sales and Labor Statistics, Sales and Labor Summary, Detailed Tickets, Detailed Product Mix By Group, Product Mix Day Part, Item Sales by Class by Group, Payroll, Payroll for Hours Worked, Voids by Employee, Cash Drawer, Tender by Ticket by Employee, Weekly Commitment Report, Customers Detail, Choice Sales Alphabetical Report, Item Sales Alphabetical Report, Job Report, Employee Directory, and Payroll Detail Report.

Q: I have a Retail POS system. What reports can I see?

A: Transactions, Batches, Deposits, Chargebacks, Statements under Processing Data and from the POS: Sales Summary, Transaction & Payment, Sales By SKU, Payment Summary.

Q: Where are these reports located on the site?

A: On the navigation bar youll see an option labeled Reports & Statements. Clicking on this will open up a menu below with a few categories for you. Once a category is chosen youll have the option to choose from any of the reports in that category.

Q: Great, but can I get these reports emailed to me?

A: Yes, on the page of any report click the Subscribe button. Youll have several options for getting the reports mailed and in several formats too (Excel, CSV, QuickBooks).

Q: How can I cancel a report subscription?

A: You can cancel any report subscriptions in the Manage Subscriptions section. This button can be found on any individual report page but also on the main menu under Account Management.

Q: I have a few other people that I want to share Lighthouse with but I want to make sure they can only do certain things. Can I do this?

A: Yes, under Account Management open the Users page. For every option in Lighthouse there is a permissions option. For example, you can allow a manager to edit the menu but not edit employees or you could allow an accountant to view only reports.

Q: Ive started making modifications to my POS menu. How soon do these changes get from Lighthouse to my POS system?

A: These changes will be in your system within a few seconds. If your POS is not on the internet you will get the changes as soon as it comes online.

Q: I have to let my staff know about a big event coming up soon and I have a Hospitality POS. How do I do this?

A: If you have a POS system you can use the Messages system. Open Account Management and choose Messages. Simply start typing and well show you employees or jobs we found matching what youve typed. Then, type a message and hit Send.

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