Q: What is Harbortouch Tableside? 

A: Tableside is a product designed to expedite the order taking process. Instead of pen and paper, servers can take orders directly at the customer’s table with an Apple iPad and immediately relay the order to the kitchen. 

Q: Where do my receipts go? 
A: Kitchen and bar slips will print at any printer configured to receive them. Once you pay out the transaction from the POS system, the receipt will print at that receipt printer.

Q: Can I pay out a ticket from my iPad? 
A: There is currently no way to take a credit card and print a receipt without walking over to a workstation. 

Q: I lost my iPad! How can I set up a new one? 
A: The Tableside software is available right on the Apple App Store and setup is very simple. Once you download the app, enter the account information provided to you by Harbortouch, connect to the wireless network in your place of business, and you are ready to take orders. Notify Harbortouch if this occurs so that your password can be changed and the lost iPad can be removed from your network.

Q: I just bought a new iPad! Can I set up the new iPad and still use my old one(s)? 
A: This is not a problem, but you will need an additional Tableside license for each iPad you want to use for Tableside.